The Only Survivor of a Plane Crash in Cuba to Be Discharged
HAVANA, Mar 20 (PL) The only survivor of May 18 plane crash in Havana last Year, Mailen Diaz Almaguer, left the hospital, her sister Mailin posted Wednesday on Facebook.

The announcement of the return to the family, after months in recovery, was accompanied by several images of the two sisters, published in their profiles on the digital platform.

The snapshots were accompanied by a message expressing the happiness of having the young woman back in the family.

‘Just God is a witness to the great love I have for you, you had and we had to pass by a lot of pain and suffering (…),’ Mailin said.

On May 18, 2018, a Boeing 737-200 leased by Cubana de Aviacion to a Mexican company crashed with 113 people on board, in the vicinity of Jose Marti International Airport.

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