The old Santiago-Bayamo-Manzanillo train route returns

The old Santiago-Bayamo-Manzanillo train route returns

HAVANA, Nov 24. The old Santiago – Bayamo – Manzanillo train route has been reactivated with four weekly departures, to facilitate transportation to thousands of passengers from the eastern region of the country, local media report.

The authorities themselves in the Cuban province of Santiago, in the east of the island, reported on the agility in the maintenance and rental of vehicles, to improve technical conditions and the offer of trips by land and sea.

In this sense, Jaime Codorniu, responsible for the sector in the territory, confirmed that a 20 percent increase in operational vehicles has been achieved by the end of the year.

In addition, work is being done on the conditioning of two vessels for maritime transport, which will connect the Santiago Bay and Granma Key. The manager referred to the improvements in the pavement of the runway at the “Antonio Maceo” International Airport as well as the increase in land mobility in the provincial capital.

But, let’s make a parenthesis. Just last September, this same manager spoke about the delicate situation with transportation in Santiago de Cuba, with an availability of 40% of the fleet, due to fuel limitations, lack of spare parts, or buses waiting for maintenance.

This caused buses, trains and boats from Santiago de Cuba to reduce the regularity of their trips outside of working hours due to the critical situation. It is worth asking if in just two months the situation changed considerably, beyond the manager’s promise.

The fines that were imposed in Santiago de Cuba on several drivers of private vehicles for charging “abusive prices” to passengers do not escape either. The figure, depending on the violation, amounts to 8,000 Cuban pesos.