The mysterious deaths of five Cuban generals

HAVANA, Jul 28 (EFE) Cuban Brigadier General Armando Choy Rodríguez died on Monday night at the age of 87,

reported the Central University of Las Villas in his home region of Villa Clara.

With him, there are already five soldiers of this rank who have died in the last ten days. Two days earlier, on Sunday, the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (Minfar) reported the death of reserve Brigadier General Manuel Lastres Pacheco, who had fought as a soldier in the Sierra Maestra guerrilla under the command of Commander Ernesto “Che Guevara.
In the previous seven days, the death of the reserve generals Rubén Martínez Puente and Marcelo Verdecia Perdomo, and the head of the Eastern Army, Major General Agustín Peña, had been announced.

Choy Rodríguez, born in 1934, was one of the founders of the July 26 Movement that led the Cuban Revolution, in which he took part as a combatant.
Appointed general by former leader Fidel Castro in 1962, he was in charge of directing the group for the sanitation and development of the Bay of Havana and was delegate of the Minister of Labor in the port of the city.
In 2014 he received the National Environmental Prize awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment (CITMA).