HAVANA, 9 Jan When it comes to changing perspectives, nothing better than a trip to the tropical islands that not only bring peace and tranquility to our soul, it is also a way to connect with nature through the fresh air, the waves of the sea and the radiant sun .

But many people wonder what are the most popular beaches to visit? In many countries, tourists are unaware of these common tropical destinations to which to go during the summer season. Without counting the great variety of these that exist in the world.

There are those who recommend the paradisiacal beaches of Cuba. They have a beautiful atmosphere, where it seems that a painter has perfected this beautiful landscape. From its inhabitants to its fauna and flora, they will make you immerse yourself in a unique experience.

For many years, Cuba has been characterized as the land where its inhabitants treat their residents as kings, since it has been a country listed as one of the most helpful and beautiful on earth.

Not to mention the beautiful fauna and flora that abounds in its surroundings, giving its visitors the opportunity to know those natural wonders that in other countries are difficult to see. But not only that, it is also imbued with culture and memorable stories.

Of course, the variety of paradisiacal beaches in Cuba is great. Remember that this is one of the islander countries that its biggest tourist attraction (not counting its surroundings) are its natural pools. But which of these are the most recommended?

Then, you can have a list of the most paradisiacal beaches in Cuba. Thus, you will have a personal guide to make a good decision about where to start.

Listing of the most paradisiacal beaches in Cuba
Varadero Beach
Ancón Beach
El Pilar Beach (Cayo Guillermo)
Cayo Saetía
Santa Lucia Beach
Varadero Beach

One of the most famous beaches on this earth. It is located in the Hicacos peninsula, located in the province of Matanza. It has about 20 kilometers of white sand and beautiful crystalline water that covers its docks.

It also has places for accommodation where visitors can see the natural spectacle that forms at nightfall. Not counting its most popular activities such as diving, to be more in touch with the marine nature.

Ancón Beach
Considered the best in the Cuban Caribbean. It is one of the most beautiful that this country has. You will be able to see its clear sands and in its waters blue and green tones that have been the inspiration of many artists and photographers.

Playa Ancon

It is located near the island of Trinidad. It is known as one of the patrimonies of humanity by UNESCO, given that it is one of the colonial architectural gems that allow you to see more closely its history and culture.

El Pilar Beach (Cayo Guillermo)
Located to the northeast of Cuba, it has 13 square kilometers that allow the accommodation of millions of tourists every year. It has been the source of creation by millions of famous writers and novelists. Pilar Beach

In this paradisiacal beach of Cuba you can see the large sand dunes that manage to mediate up to 16 meters. Therefore, it is considered one of the highest, which makes it the preferred option for those who wish to make a good catch.

Cayo SaetíaLas playas de CubaCayo Saetía Beach

If you are a nature lover, you can not miss this paradisiacal beach in Cuba, which is located in the province of Holguín. Its residents name it as “city of parks”. Here you can get to know the local fauna just by walking through its surroundings, as well as having the possibility of practicing water sports, without counting on how economical it is at the moment of acquiring a specific service.

Muelle en la playa Santa Lucía

Santa Lucia Beach
One of the places that has a fairly proportioned coral reef. This paradisiacal beach in Cuba is located north of Camagüey, with an extension of land that covers 21 kilometers of soft, white sands.

This beautiful landscape has a quite varied fauna of ducks, flamingos, brightly colored fish and recognized marine species. This beautiful beach has become one of the tourist sites, where many newlyweds have decided to spend their honeymoon.

You can find the best paradisiacal beaches in the beautiful land of Cuba. It is a matter of daring to take a tourist destination imbued with beauty and know the wonders of nature.