The Italian region of Lombardy asks doctors from Havana to face the coronavirus

The Italian region of Lombardy asks doctors from Havana to face the coronavirus

HAVANA, March 14 (DDC) The Italian region of Lombardy, the one most affected by the coronavirus, has requested medical personnel from countries like Cuba, Venezuela and China to face the crisis, explained today the regional councillor for Health, Giulio Gallera.

“Since the great critical issue is that of personnel, the decree-law will include the possibility of recruiting foreign doctors, it is enough that they are members of their home countries, without passing the equivalence assessment,” he said at a press conference, according to the EFE report.

The regional councillor explained that they currently have contacts with China, Venezuela – a country from which they have already received a group of professionals – and Cuba. Gallera claimed to have addressed a written request to Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Lombardy, with its capital in Milan, is the region most affected by the coronavirus in Italy and is struggling with its hospital capacity and also with its medical staff, as infections do not stop.

The positive cases this Saturday amounted to 11,685, 1,865 more than the previous day, and the fatalities were 966, 76 more in the last 24 hours, the official reported.

For this reason, they have launched a campaign to “recruit” doctors and health personnel with which they have already received 1,600 applications and evaluated 692 (69 medical students, 137 specialists and 74 already licensed doctors, in addition to 323 nurses).

Gallera said that “people are needed who will be assisted and trained, accompanied, but who will have to enter work at a difficult time that Lombardy and history will appreciate.”

This week, the Government of Jamaica also asked the Cuban to send him 100 nurses to strengthen the intensive care services of his hospitals, which will attend to the most severe cases of coronavirus in that country.

“We have contacted at least one of our most significant counterparts, Cuba, and we are exploring the possibility of obtaining a contingent that will serve to strengthen,” said Health and Welfare Minister Dr Christopher Tufton, according to local daily Jamaica Observer.

The official did not explain when the requested technicians will arrive on the island. His statements came less than an hour after the laboratories confirmed the first patient imported into Jamaica.

In the final week of February, Havana sent around 30 more doctors to Jamaica, after renewing the Bilateral Technical Cooperation Agreement on health, bringing the “medical mission” on the Island to over 300 professionals.

A complaint filed in May 2019 with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court against the main Cuban leaders for “crimes against humanity”, showed the pressure mechanisms that the Cuban regime uses on professionals in the so-called “internationalist missions”.

A long report prepared by the organizations Cuban Prisoners Defenders and Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU), served to accuse Raúl Castro, Miguel Díaz-Canel and four other high officials of the Island Government for “slavery, persecution and other inhuman acts “to those who subject” hundreds of thousands of professionals “.