The history of cocktails will be debated in Havana

Havana nominated as capital of Ibero-American cocktails

HAVANA, Sept. 20 An expert workshop will serve in Cuba to investigate the history of this country’s cocktails and its link with tourism, sector authorities said this Wednesday.It is about studying in depth the history of cocktails and molecular mixology (chemical techniques when preparing drinks), very popular today for presentations and meetings related to the travel industry.

In this regard, spokesmen indicated that in order to improve the academic training of Cuban chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers, the Gran Aston Hotel in Havana will serve as headquarters on September 29 for the 43rd edition of the Science, Technique and Innovation in Gastronomy Workshop.

The general organizer of the event, Professor María Esther Abreu, announced that the meeting would be held in that aforementioned hotel facility because it is the only one in this country that has a bar for mixologists (mixers of flavors, textures, colors and aromas).

He added that this meeting will serve to exchange experiences in classic and avant-garde or evolutionary cocktails, achieve a cultural change to achieve the desired gastronomic education and value the assistance of science, technique and technology in the world-known approach. such as physical-molecular, scientific, and techno-emotional Gastronomy.

The Master of Science in Food Technology will begin the event with a conference called an Approach to Academic Approaches for Gastronomy in 2023.

This program includes talks on such interesting topics as Prohibition, the paradox of prohibition from January 17, 1920 to December 5, 1935, and the Panel made up of specialists, members and directors of the island’s bartenders and sommeliers associations.

Professors, experts and members of the DALÍ Mixology Project and representatives of the Training Center (CCM) of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur), the Institute of Pharmacy and Food (IFAL) of the University of Havana, and the Association of Bartenders of Cuba (ACC).