The Government of Cuba authorizes the importation of motors for boats

The Government of Cuba authorizes the importation of motors for boats

HAVANA, March 25th The Cuban customs authorities announced that they will authorize the importation by residents of the Island of motors for boats as long as these do not have a power greater than ten horsepower

Speaking in the television space of the “Round Table” on Thursday, the general director of the Maritime Administration of Cuba, Miguel Pineda López, said that The measure benefits Cuban natural persons and foreign permanent residents on the Island and the corresponding procedure must be presented at the Port Captaincy where the vessel is registered.

What’s more, the importation will be carried out within the value limit established for non-commercial importation according to current legislation.

The decision is made when the country is experiencing its worst migration crisis since 1993 and during days in which fuel shortages have worsened.

Pineda López also indicated that at the time of passing the engine through Customs it is mandatory to present the corresponding import permit issued by the Port Authority.

Among other alleged measures to “update” customs policies, several officials present on the program announced, for example, that From now on, up to 70 loose twisted cigars may be taken out of the country, instead of the 50 permitted today.

Likewise, the secretary of the Central Bank of Cuba, Marta Lussón Argüelles, announced that the limit for the free export and import of Cuban pesos amounts to 2,000 to 5,000 pesos. The same amount will be authorized to be taken out of the country in freely convertible currency (MLC).

This represents an increase from the 3,000 authorized today because, in the case of importing foreign currency, it can be done without limits.

The Head of the General Customs of the Republic, Nelson Cordovés Reyes, said that in 2021, 6.5 million packages were dispatched through this authority although he acknowledged that there were delays in these efforts.

Cordovés Reyes said that the exemption from tariffs on imports of food, medicine and toiletries adopted in 2021 after the social outbreak of 11J, will remain in force. He did not mention whether it will be extended again in the middle of the year when his extension expires.

Faced with the serious crisis that Cubans are experiencing, the importation of all kinds of basic necessities constitutes the only supply channel, hence the proliferation of shopping tourism and a dense network of companies that make shipments to Cuba, from which most of the emigrants depend on helping their families on the Island.