The first secretary of the PCC in Granma is dismissed in the middle of the trial against doctors in Bayamo

Destituyen a la primera secretaria del PCC en Granma en medio de juicio contra médicos en Bayamo

HAVANA, December 21. At the request of the Political Bureau of the PCC, Yanaisi Capó Nápoles was removed from her position as first secretary in Granma and replaced by Yudelkis Ortiz Barceló.This change occurred in the midst of the criminal proceedings against six doctors in the province, an issue that has generated strong reactions in Cuban society.
Capó, who had held the position for approximately a year and a half, was recognized for her dedication and was wished success in her future responsibilities.

For her part, Ortiz, the new first secretary, has experience in education and political leadership in Santiago de Cuba.
Capó’s dismissal was not explained in detail, following the usual guidelines in provincial leadership changes according to the policy of the communist party in Cuba.

This has generated speculation about a possible relationship with the case of the Granma doctors.
The criminal process against these doctors from the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Hospital in Bayamo, accused of medical negligence for the death of a patient in 2021, has caused shock and multiple reactions in public opinion.

The Provincial Health Directorate of Granma issued a statement to address the case, regretting the concern generated and pointing out a “distorted” presentation of the facts by individuals without objective information about the case. The professionals remain free, awaiting the court’s ruling.