The first food-truck in Havana is installed behind the Iberostar Parque Central hotel

Iberostar Parque Central Hotel

HAVANA, March 15th The Italian tourism agency with offices in Cuba Travel Trade Caribbean promotes on its social networks the installation of a food-truck

(fast food truck) behind the Iberostar Parque Central Hotel, in Havana.

The fast-food service will offer typical dishes of Cuban gastronomy. According to the promotional publication on Facebook, it is the first food-truck in Havana, but some refer to the fact that another hotel, the Meliá Habana, has already had this service for “a long time”.
Many Facebook users inquired in the comments about prices and what would be the payment currency in these times where any new service that is opened charges in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC) a currency to which the majority of the Cuban people do not have access.

None of these questions were answered in a timely manner as Travel Trade Caribbean is not the owner of the food-truck, whose initiative appears to be the responsibility of the Iberostar chain that manages the hotel facility jointly with the Cuban government. Food trucks are trucks that sell prepared food and in recent years they have become a worldwide trend.

  The first food-truck in Havana is installed behind the Iberostar Parque Central hotel

This service attacks the segment of the market of young people who have little time to prepare the food for their consumption and leave their work to eat at these places. These trucks are ready to offer menus suitable for young people who work in the office, however, in Cuba that is not the case due to the low purchasing power and how expensive street food is.

Therefore, the Iberostar food-truck is designed for tourism and as an attraction, they have designed the truck with a “retro wave” just in the style of the old cars that still circulate in Cuba, the so-called “almendrones”.