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Por: Lic. Yaneys Hernández Cordero  With almost four years of gastronomic experience La Esencia is defined as the ideal space to spend an unforgettable evening. The carefully chosen music, the warmth of the service and the quality of the products are just a few elements that make it a place of refuge: where the customer always chooses to return.

Owned by the famous musician Gaspar Agüero and built in 1880, the residence preserves its magic.

The walls, decorated with logos of famous brands that sealed an era of the history of the Island as: Polar beer, Hatuey, Coca Cola, Materva, among many others, together with musical instruments and photographs of famous Cuban artists, display a certain air of Modernity that converges with the colonial style: achieving a mixture of impact.

Bold menu of cocktails, select fusion dishes with elegant finish and suggestive variety of tapas that will catch your palate. In La Esencia you can not only taste a magnificent dinner, but also dance and have fun thanks to its facilities like Bar-Restaurant.

Always thinking about the customer and their tastes, on Mondays with their diverse night, on Wednesdays it is karaoke time and on Fridays from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, happyhour will allow you to taste some cocktails based on rum, vodka and gin half-price.

You just need to let yourself be carried away by these essences that will give you a new perspective of Havana nights.

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Calle B nº153, e/ Calzada y Linea, Vedado
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