The “Dog House” reopens with breads at 180 pesos

The “Dog House” reopens with breads at 180 pesos

HAVANA, Oct. 19 One of the busiest corners of Havana, the Cuban capital, where the famous Coppelia ice cream parlor is located, in El Vedado,has seen the rebirth of a business that had been closed for months and that was previously state-run, the old Casa del Perro Caliente on 23rd and K.

Now it has returned, but under the management of a private company, with a new name, now it is called “Perros Calientes Lalola”. A red and yellow sign and a sausage-shaped inflatable announce the change in management. Then if you get closer and see the prices on the menu, you will also notice the privatization, notes a report from the newspaper 14ymedio.

The establishment, which was previously a state entity, began offering hot dogs – American-style sausage with buns – at the beginning of this century and has since earned the nickname La Perreta.

However, as time went by, the quality of the product declined, to the point that they only sold stale bread with sausage without any seasoning. During the pandemic, the business went into crisis and had to close its doors.

Private reopening of the “Dog House” in Vedado

Now, under the name Perros Calientes Lalola, the place has reopened with a new image and a new menu. Hot dogs come with cheese, gouda, ketchup, and mustard, and can be accompanied by soft drinks, juices, malts, or milkshakes.

The “Dog House” reopens with breads at 180 pesos

Photos: Roy Leyra | CN360

The problem, like almost everything private, is that the prices are very high for the pockets of “ordinary Cubans.” A bread with the dog, for example, costs 180 pesos, a soft drink 170, a juice 150 and a smoothie 600 Cuban pesos.

The cheapest combos cost 300 pesos. The place is located between the Habana Libre Hotel and the future Torre K skyscraper, but its prices seem more typical of another country.

You can also find market products, from powdered milk at 1,800 pesos per kilo, oil at 600, liter yogurt at 500, roasted peanuts at 1,200 and even whiskey, which costs between 1,200 and 1,300 pesos, are some of the items available. What do Havana residents think of the new opening?