The director of Pemex denies that his company will donate fuel to Cuba

The director of Pemex denies that his company will donate fuel to Cuba

LA HABANA, 10 Oct. The director general of the Mexican oil company Pemex, Octavio Romero, denied the months that the summer had donated raw to any foreign government,to be consulted about whether the company has him with Cuba.

Mexico began regular exports of raw and other products to Cuba at the end of the first quarter of 2023. It has since lost 2.8 million barrels to the island, which has suffered the worst fuel crisis since the so-called Special Period of the 1990s.

“Petroleum Mexicans have not made a donation of fuel to any government outside the country,” said Romero, who was asked for a debate during a meeting with legislators quoted by Reuters.

“No miento,” he said. Since the embargo, the official has not mentioned the shipments until now and has not received any economic compensation for Mexico.

According to these comments, in September the secretary of External Relations of Mexico, Alicia Bárcena, acknowledged that Pemex had sent them to Cuba.

Reuters confirmed that the Cuban flag oil tanner Vilma met on Mondays at the Mexican terminal of Pajaritos, in the Gulf of Mexico, loading 400,000 barrels of crude oil to be transported to Cuba.

During the appearance before the legislators of the opposition, Romero was labeled as “corrupt”, “lying”, and “títere de López Obrador”, following the report of the Mexican diary El Universal.

The deputy of the Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD), Elizabeth Pérez, noted that during the past five years the oil production estimates in the country have not been met, and reported that between 2019 and 2023 “they have decreased by more than 1.5 billion de pesos en la parastatals”.

“They are courses that should serve to guarantee medicines, provide maintenance to hospitals, improve school conditions, support science and technology, among the many other needs that our population has,” she indicated.

While Gina Gerardina Campuzano, of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN), I believe that the government party, Morena, has reported that Pemex is consolidated as the most successful company in the world, and ensured that the figure amounted to 1.94 billion pesos.

Regarding shipments to Cuba, Pérez sent an explanation to the official for an alleged sanction and loss of a credit of 800 million dollars with Eximbank to send oil to Cuba.

“We worry a lot. The problem is not that our country is in solidarity. The problem is that this erosion of the national treasury and the deuce of the citizens is the presidential alternative to finalize their sexenium. Definitely no, they are not equal, they are very much, many pores”, he complained to her.

In fact, Campuzano assured that Pemex “abounds corruption” because they are giving away oil to Cuba.

“Usted gave her oil to Cuba in support of Díaz-Canel’s decree, he sent her more than 200 million dollars to hideaways in Cuba and he didn’t give her a single peso.

How good is Pemex, the handler to his Antojo and he didn’t report or specify if we were lending or donating,” she emphasized.

In response, Romero assured that Pemex maintains raw food purchase contracts with 26 countries, but insisted that “donations are not there”.