The Cuban cyclist stands out in the classics in the United States

HAVANA, June 6 (ACN) Cuban Marles Michias, one of the key figures on the Cuban cycling team, finished second on Sunday in the Clarendon Cup, having finished third on Saturday in the Crystal Cup with the Twenty24 Pro team. in Virginia, United States.

The Cuban team and the contestant herself shared the results and podiums this afternoon on their official Facebook pages, as well as the tournament page on Instagram, although the race dates are not yet available.

This Sunday in the Clarendon Cup, Michias was surpassed only by American Kendall Ryan, of L39ION in Los Angeles.

The day before, Cuban finished third in the Crystal Cup, which kicked off this weekend’s cycling classics in Arlington, Virginia.

Megias, who was the 2017 champion in the Clarendon Cup, one of the region’s premier cycling events, in its most recent competition on behalf of Cuba secured a place for the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador 2023 in the Singles Time Trial. The quota arrived on May 12th at the Pan American Road Championships in Argentina.

Prior to that, upon returning to the sport after becoming a mother on August 19, 2019, the Cuban became the North American champion in August 2021 in the test of time at the continental road cycling event in the Dominican Republic.