Telefónica negocia conectar Cuba por cable con su red regional de internet

HAVANA, Nov 24th (EFE) The Spanish company Telefonica has offered to the Cuban Government to link the island to its network of submarine cables to improve Internet access in the country, one of the most disconnected in the world.

The proposal took place within the official two-day trip that the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, made to Cuba, and in which he was accompanied by a large business delegation interested in establishing or expanding his presence on the Island.

Along with Sánchez traveled to Havana the Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, who participates actively in the negotiation of several potential commercial agreements, said sources of the Spanish Government.

The Spanish telecommunications company has offered to the Cuban government to connect the country with a branch the submarine cable network of broadband that is being deployed in the Caribbean as part of its infrastructure for Latin America, a region in which it has maintained an important presence for two decades .

This proposal is in addition to the one that has been on the table for more than two years by the technological giant Google, which immediately after announcing at the end of 2014 the diplomatic “thaw” between Cuba and the United States offered the Cuban authorities an alliance for ” shoot “Internet access on the Island.

Cuba did not accept then that offer because the most orthodox sectors of the Cuban leadership consider the internet as a tool of “ideological penetration”.

Google has maintained its presence in Cuba since the normalization of relations between Havana and Washington, has installed content servers on the island and last October, the Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, met in New York with senior executives from the company and other major technology companies in the neighboring country.