Tattoos have an Asian face in Havana

havana-live-tatoo--David-Lazar-Myanmar1Havana, Jun 6  (PL) The ancient art of tattoo of the Burmese ethnic Chin will arrive to the Cuban capital on June 12 with the exhibition Marcadas, from the Catalan photographer Edu Bayer, today organizers announced.

The exhibition includes portraits of elderly women of that group, who look at their faces fascinating tattoos.These are also Patriarchate traces of their culture, a press release says.

During the ceremony, Bayer will be interacting with the participants in a sort of performance, taking photographs of people interested in showing their own styles of expressing romantic-affect relationships, without distinction of gender, age or place of origin.

The Havanan Gallery La Marca will host the event of this photographer, who resides in New York. The artist, 33, has regularly collaborated with publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde or The Guardian.

The Chin are an ethnic group of Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country,. Its population reaches around a million and a half inhabitants. In addition, they are located in border States of India like Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and Assam.