Tasting at Dranguet House in Cuba to Know More about Coffee

HAVANA , Jan 25 (PL) A tasting that favored greater knowledge about coffee, a thousand-year-old beverage, was held at the Dranguet House by the French expert Jean Christophe Galland, as part of the ongoinginternational project in this city to keep that legacy alive.

The tasting, held at the aforementioned house, which headquarters the Center for Interpretation and Dissemination of the Coffee Cultural Heritage, was an opportunity to assess the characteristics of coffee grains from the Cuban fields and also from Ethiopia, Colombia and Indonesia, with the purpose of showing their quality and diversity.

In front of an audience composed of tourist promoters and other professionals, Galland explained that the goodness of this beverage began at the field where the coffee grains are cultivated and ended at the cup in which we drink it, through a process that included works for benefit, fermentation, drying and toasting.
He referred to different existing varieties and praised the good properties of coffee that is cultivated at high altitudes, as well as the necessary dosage of sunlight.

The tasting by the European expert at the old house of landowner Carlos Dranguet, in the urban historic center of this city, was included in the project ‘Los Caminos del Cafe’ (The Paths of Coffee), boosted by the Office of the Conservator of the City, under the auspices of the French-Belgian Foundation Malongo and the European Union.

Reproducing the atmosphere of the old French coffee plantations in the Cuban southeastern region, with the greatest possible resemblance to the rural, social and productive environment in the late 18th and 19th centuries, at an archaeological park at the farm Fraternidad.

The fostering of a Botanical Garden with the fruit trees of those times and an ethnographic museum, with living elements of the times are part of those expectations.

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