Tallest Cuban Bridge Undergoes Comprehensive Restoration

Puente BacunayaguaHAVANA, May 28   The complex process of restoration of concrete blocks of Bacunayagua Bridge, one of the most important steps in its repair, is nearing completion.

Miguel Figueredo, brigade leader of the Construction and Specialized Assembly Company (ECME by its Spanish acronym), organization that runs this work, said that there is only one block to repair and paint of the 11 of the bridge. Then they will start working with the arch, last phase of the task that they intend to complete before closing this year. Galeria_Puente_Bacunayagua_10
The specialist praised the invention of equipment that helps ensuring safety and protection of personnel in the repair work. The device is the result of the creative genius of Carlos Valdes, who works at ECME. One member of the brigade, Yoandri Doural recognized the complexity of the work due to the topographic characteristics of the area and the considerable height of the bridge.
Bacunayagua Bridge, 114 meters high and with over 50 years of operation, is considered a relic of Cuban engineering. Upon completion of repair, of great economic importance to the country, the aforementioned brigade will be in charge of similar arrangements to Canímar bridge, link over the river of the same name and also with economic, architectural and construction attributes.Bacunayagua-bridge