Take 6 in Havana: world cultures will only advance with unity

 havana-live-take6HAVANA, Sep 25 (acn) World cultures will advance only when we are together, said today in Havana Alvin Chea, one member of the prestigious American band Take 6, invited to Cuba to participate in the Festival Les Voix Humaines.

This event, organized by the Office of Maestro Leo Brouwer, directed by musicologist Isabelle Hernandez, schedules for Saturday a big concert with the American group, which will celebrate on the island 25 years of artistic career.
It is an honor to be in Cuba, a country we did not know and want to love as much as its people, said Claude V. McKnight III, tenor of this vocal band since 1980.

The repertoire we will play for the Cubans comes from one place; spirituality and what God represents for us, that’s what we want to share with you, said the veteran singer that integrates the payroll of one of the greatest bands of jazz, gospel and R & B music.
Alvin Achea, Take 6bass voice since 1985, stated that the opportunity to know each other is essential for both countries.
We love Cuba, yesterday was our first day in Havana, but we felt as if we had been here before, he added.
Our hearts and spirits were immediately connected with its people, the food, the beautiful beach and the sun; all them spoke to our soul, he noted excitedly.