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HAVANA, Jan. 29th Who can doubt that 2015 was a memorable year in Cuba with regard to visits by famous personalities and the holding of events of all kinds? The truth is that many bars and nightclubs have already earned a place among Cubans. Vistar Magazine has compiled a list of the five most popular bars in Havana.

The usual place of singer Leoni Torres on Tuesdays has turned the club into a well-known place. It alternates between private parties and events. Most popular artists have become regular visitors.sangrila_top10_2016_copia
This space is between Vedado and Miramar and you can find anyone, even famous artists. In one way or another they all end up here. Good service and great food. It’s always an option to share with friends the best nights of Havana.espacios_top10_2016_copia
One of the favorite places of the showbiz and usual place of Gente de Zona. This place is for everyone.mioytuyo_top10_2016_copiaSarao’s
Celebrities who visited Havana in 2015 made this place more than a nightclub. Owners and customers assure that it has the most completed bar in Havana. The Sarao’s Bar has become a lifestyle.maxresdefault-1Bolabana
Everyone talks about this place with a “Miami” decoration. In the reserved space you can meet any famous. It became in 2015 one of the most popular bars in Havana.bolabana_top10_2016_copiaPhotos Vistar Magazine