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HAVANA, April 15th (AFP) As the deadly coronavirus spreads across Cuba, with 726 cases recorded by Monday, Read more

HAVANA, April 11th  (AFP)  Cuba hit out at the United States on Friday over its nearly 60-year-old embargo against the island nation, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 26th Cuba, which faces fuel shortages, had to buy an oil shipment including the ship that was transporting it, Read more

HAVANA, July 4th (AFP)  The United States on Wednesday sanctioned Cuba’s state-run oil firm, Cubametales, over continued importation from Venezuela amid an American embargo meant to undermine the Caracas regime.

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HAVANA, April 12th Venezuela’s state-run PDVSA has shipped one million barrels of oil to Cuba days after the United States imposed fresh sanctions on vessels and firms involved in exports to the island in an effort to halt oil trade between the political allies, according to a PDVSA document and tanker tracking data.

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