HAVANA, March 31th Churches in Cuba and the United States have joined in a petition to the United States government Read more

HAVANA, March 21th A petition on the U.S. website is asking President Donald Trump to lift economic restrictions on Cuba during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 5th Tougher U.S. sanctions on Cuba squeezed Sherritt International in the third quarter, disrupting the supply of diesel to its nickel mine on the island and casting doubt over the timing of key payments in foreign currency.

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HAVANA, Aug. 39th A provision of a 1996 law toughening sanctions against Cuba, recently put into effect by US President Donald Trump,

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HAVANA, Aug. 22th  (Reuters) – Tourist arrivals to Cuba plunged 23.6% on the year in July,

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HAVANA, Aug. 14th When former Secretary of State John Kerry officiated the reopening of the embassy

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HAVANA, may 8th (AFP) Spain’s foreign minister on Wednesday lashed out at Washington’s decision to lift a ban on lawsuits in US courts over property confiscated by Cuba, calling the move an “abuse of power” that would lead to a “legal battle”.

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HAVANA, April 30th Trump tweeted Tuesday he would impose “a full and complete embargo” on Cuba if the island doesn’t withdraw its security aid from Venezuela.

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HAVANA, April 8th (WP) The Trump administration canceled a four-month-old deal between Major League Baseball and the Cuban Baseball Federation Monday, saying that the federation was part of the Cuban government and trade with it was illegal under current law.

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 Bingo! I’ll Give the Cubans InternetHAVANA, Feb 6th  The news of a U.S. “internet task force” to increase internet access in Cuba surely wins the prize for this year’s “interference in a sovereign nation’s internal affairs” category.

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HAVANA, August 14th (The scientist) In June, President Donald Trump announced that he was reversing course on former President Barack Obama’s decision to mend relations with Cuba.

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HAVANA, June 30th The US Department of State published its annual report on human trafficking, in which it kept Cuba on the “special observation” list.

The document contains four categories: level 1, for those countries that Read more

Cuba's small businesses owners ,Trump's policy changesHAVANA,June 18th  When Julia de la Rosa heard President Trump’s speech restricting Americans’ ability to visit Cuba, she immediately started calculating how many workers she’ll have to fire.

De la Rosa, 49, has spent the past 20 years Read more


Trump,Cuba policyHAVANA, June 17th (WP) President Trump announced a new Cuba policy Friday afternoon that envisions prohibiting Read more

HAVANA, June 16th (Reuters) U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to roll back his predecessor’s opening toward Cuba will spare airlines and cruise operators who have bet on a new revenue source, but the rollback could affect them by weakening demand.

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 Cuba,Hollywood, movie,TV productions  HAVANA, June 11th For a couple months after Barack Obama moved toward normalizing relations with Cuba following decades of economic sanctions, a rush of movie Read more

Trump,Obama,Cuba,Raul CastroHAVANA, June 3th  The re-normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba, one of the signature accomplishments of Barack Obama, could be reversed by President Donald Trump in a matter of weeks. Read more

havana-live-cuba-military-exerciceHAVANA, Nov. 10th (Reuters) Cuba on Wednesday announced a week of pre-scheduled nationwide military exercises to prepare for “enemy actions,” the day after the United States elected Donald Trump, who has threatened to unravel the U.S.-Cuban detente, as president. Read more