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havana-live-speed boat recordHAVANA, August  1 (AFP)   A German businessman and power boating fanatic on Saturday broke a 57-year-old record for the fastest boat crossing between the United States and Cuba.

Roger Klueh, 50, powered his “Apache Star” powerboat the 160 kilometers (90 miles) separating Key West and Havana, shattering a record that had stood since 1958.

Klueh and his small crew piloted the high-tech speedboat between Key West and Havana in just under two hours. The boat was capable of top speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.

The earlier speed record, set by American Forest Johnson, was a comparatively leisurely six hours 23 minutes.

Five months after that race, Fidel Castro and his band of rebels seized power from Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, the beginning of the downturn in US-Cuban relations and the end of boat competitions across the Florida Straits.


Roger Klüh (left.) with Hemingway Yachtclub-Präsident Commodore Escrich

Klueh has said his record attempt was made possible by the historic thaw in ties between the former Cold War foes.

HAVANA, July 28   A Fort Myers speedboat company is gearing up for a record-breaking journey to Cuba.

It wants to break a 50-year-old world record for the fastest boat crossing between Key West and Havana, wanting to reach Cuba in just an hour Saturday.

The 50-foot Apache Star can reach speeds up to 115 mph, and its engines produce 2,800-horsepower at the propeller.

The Key West Coast Guard will escort the boat within 15 miles of Cuba.

It took three years for McManus Superboats of Fort Myers to realize their dream.

“The process has literally been a nightmare. It’s taken 12 lawyers, three different countries – United States, Spain and Cuba – in order to get the two licenses and the permit in order for the client to be able to achieve his goal,” said Mark McManus, company president.

McManus plans to keep building boats after the journey to Cuba.

There are three tracking systems and two GPS devices in the boat. Progress of the journey can be tracked online. We’ll have the link as soon as the website goes live.