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havana-live-enrique-olveraHAVANA, August  28  “Pasta, pinchos and tacos” could be the name of a new restaurant launched in Havana by three of the best chefs in the world.

Italian Massimo Bottura, the Spanish Andoni Luis Aduriz and the Mexican Enrique Olvera will travel to Cuba in December to explore the market to open a restaurant, said Olvera in Mexico City during a meeting with foreign correspondents at his restaurant “Pujol”, considered the best in the country and one of the best in the world.

The Mexican chef imagines a casual, fun place, with live music, and not too expensive.”We want a restaurant located on the beach. The address must be ‘street who knows what and Caribbean sea’.” But they are well aware of the lack of supplies and the difficulties they may face to get most of the ingredients. This is precisely why they are planning to go to Havana, “see some places and understand a little better how the market works.”

 We believe that in the months or years to come there will be a strong opening in Cuba and we want to get into that opening.
Enrique Olvera

The idea of opening a resturant arose in November 2014 during a conversation between Olvera and Aduriz. “Gastronomy is not a privilege of people with money, but rather of intelligent people. Why not dream of a restaurant in which we manage to mix all social classes of people and no one asks who anyone else is?”, said Aduriz to Reuters back in 2014.

Olvera anticipated that he has held talks with the Cuban embassy in Mexico, where they received the project “as positive” and are willing to “support” the business.

According to A la mesa, a Cuban directory of restaurants, there are over 470 restaurants in Havana. 212 of them cost up to 7 USD and 190 cost up to 14 USD. It is very rare to find restaurants above these prices given the economic situation of the majority of Cuban people.