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havana-live-"La ciudad"HAVANA, Jul 11. (PL) Cuban filmmaker Tomas Piard will premiere his latest feature film entitled “La Ciudad”, on July 14 at the Charles Chaplin movie theater in Havana.

At a press conference, Piard offered details on the film that is divided into three true stories related to the topic of emigration, distance and reunions.

From a different aesthetic perspective of the Cuban cinema, the filmmaker emphasizes on the beauty, recreated through the lens of the experienced cinematographer Raul Rodriguez.

Love and friendship prevail as threads of the plot and invite the viewer to engage in a participatory dialogue with the stories of the film.

Havana is the setting chosen by the filmmaker because according to him, only in Havana you can make a movie like ‘La Ciudad’.

The actors Luisa Maria Jimenez, Dania Splinter, Herminia Sanchez, Patrick Wood, Omar Ali, Hector Echemendía, Carlos Solar, Martha Salema and Adriana Febles embody tangible and credible characters; meanwhile, the Havana Capitol is the tenth character of the film.

On the other hand, the Cuban singer Patricio Amaro created the original music of the film, after his first experience in the movie’Kangamba’.

Produced by RTV Commercial and Cubavision, and with the collaboration of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICRT), the film ‘La Ciudad’ will be premiered in the country on 16 July.