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havana-live-shadow-theaterHAVANA, Aug. 5  – Cubans will be treated to Japan’s Kageboushi shadow theater for the first time Tuesday and Wednesday.

The two free performances are part of the Kageboushi theater company’s artistic tour of seven Central American and the Caribbean countries, promoters of the event said on Tuesday.

The company’s director, Yasuaki Yamasaki, told reporters puppet and body shadow techniques will be used in the plays to be performed at the National Theater in Havana.

The Kageboushi theater company will enchant Cubans with works such as “The Mochi Mochi Tree,” and “The Grateful Crane,” among others, including a dumb-show, for over an hour and a half.

The company will also hold a short workshop for children, teens and spectators to give them an opportunity to create their own shadows.

Yamasaki explained the company is keen to establish ties with other cultures.

Created 37 years ago, the company is devoted to developing a special art of shadows, colors and movements with a repertoire of works based on traditional Japanese tales and adult musicals.