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HAVANA, Feb 7th (IANS) Cuban health authorities have started imposing restrictions on commercial flights and inbound travellers, Read more

HAVANA, Jan 9 (PL) Cuban authorities on Wednesday announced the arrests of two individuals who desecrated several busts of National Hero Jose Marti in this capital.

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HAVANA, Jan 28 (PL) Cuba remembers today the 165th anniversary of the birth of its National Hero, José Martí, for the validity of its independence, Latin Americanist and integration ideology.

In the last hours of this Saturday, Read more

A new José Martí statue will debut in Havana

Prensa convocada para una conferencia en el Parque Plaza 13 de Marzo, donde será emplazada una réplica de la estatua ecuestre del Héroe Nacional cubano José Martí, obra de la artista estadounidense Anna Hyatt Huntington, en La Habana, Cuba, el 20 de octubre de 2017. ACN FOTO/Omara GARCÍA MEDEROS/sdl

HAVANA, Jan 26th Just as the sun creeps up over the Havana skyline on the 165th anniversary of José Martí’s birth on Sunday, a replica of a statue that sits in Central Park will be officially inaugurated in the Cuban capital.

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Avianca sends plane to Havana to rescue 150 passengers of flight from MiamiHAVANA, 10.ene. (EFE) The Colombian airline Avianca today sent a plane to Havana to bring to Bogota the 150 passengers of an Airbus A-320 from Miami that yesterday had to Read more

National Hero, José Martí, National Archives of the Republic of CubaHAVANA, June 27th (ANC) The facsimile of the academic record of the National Hero, José Martí, was donated this Monday to the National Archives of the Republic of Cuba (ARNAC), by the general sub directorate of the State Read more

14702514717579HAVANA,August 4th  (AP) — More than 2 million tourists have visited Cuba this year, state media said Wednesday, putting the country on track for a record number of visitors Read more

havana-live-aeropuerto-cuba-caosHAVANA,July 25th (HT Fernando Ravsberg) The tourist arriving in Cuba these days receives a warm welcome; the waiting area for luggage is without air conditioning. In any other airport you could say it is not such a big deal but Havana is a different story as we spent 90 minutes until the first bag appeared.

The chaos on Monday was much greater than in the past. It took 2 hours for the health inspectors to appear. People who brought food had to wait patiently because customs would not let them leave without their corresponding dried fruits passing inspection.

When we go through immigration, the only thing that seems to work at a normal speed, there was no information posted as which carousel our bags were to appear on. After a while our flight number was put on above one of the bands and after waiting there 45 minutes we were changed to another carousel without notice.

In fact there weren’t that many passengers, just about 4 flights. Seeing the chaos I was wondering what will happen in the future when US tourism is no longer prohibited and booms? What will happen when they receive 10 aircraft at the same time? How long with the tourists have to wait?

Is the energy crisis so serious that they leave the airport without air conditioning when it is crowded with tourists? This is the face of Cuba, the first a tourist sees. Leaving them in a fish bowl, dripping with sweat and waiting three hours for their luggage does not seem the best incentive to return.