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HAVANA, Aug 2 (Reuters)  The United States doubled down on its tough stance and sanctions on Cuba after historic protests on the island last month and said it would seek to support protesters. Read more

HAVANA, March 1st. The EU has asked its ambassador to Cuba to explain why he signed an open letter asking the US to stop being “hostile” to Havana. Read more

HAVANA, Feb . 13 Joe Biden has a goal of closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison by the end of his administration, the White House said on Friday, Read more

HAVANA, Jan. 29  (CNN) Few countries around the world likely breathed a sigh of relief following the 2020 US election as deeply as Cuba did. Read more

HAVANA, Nov. 26th Stirred by breathless warnings of a socialist menace, Cuban Americans turned out for President Trump in massive numbers. Read more