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havana-live-finca_vigiaHAVANA , Sep 10  (PL) The Habanarte Festival evokes the life of famous US writer Ernest Hemingway in Cuba, where he lived some 20 years and wrote various of his best known works.

His house in Finca Vigia, Havana, hosts today foreign and domestic visitors participating in tours scheduled at the festival to visit places with heritage value in this capital city.

According to director of the house museum Ada Rosa Alfonso, Hemingway sought always to find good places for his writing, such as France, Spain, Key West, among others.

“But it was in Cuba where he lived and worked more than anywhere else”, she said.

Many sites of the coastal community of Cojimar and the streets, buildings and people of Havana fed the imagination of the author of For Whom the Bell Tolls and even were the stage of his works.

Hemingway, Nobel Prize for Literature winner in 1954, wrote in Cuba “Across the River and Into the Trees”, “A Moveable Feast”, “Gulf Islands” and “The Old Man and the Sea”.

Finca Vigia, built in 1887 by Catalan architect Miguel Pascual y Baguer, still has the aura of the legendary novelist: his favorite chair, his large library, the dining room resembling a Spanish tavern and his dearest yacht Pilar.

The house is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation predominant in several hectares of the San Francisco de Paula community, some 15 kilometers from downtown Havana.

Various tours on different subjects across museums in Havana are included in the program of the Habanarte festival, organized by cultural institutions and tourist agency Paradiso.

On July 21, 1962, the house was declared a museum and according to historical records, it is the first institution in the world created to promote Hemingway’s work and life.

Until September 13th, with the slogan “All art at once”, Habanarte seeks to provide foreign tourists with the chance to know all local cultural expressions, although the choice is offered the same to Cuban public, said vice minister of Culture Fernando Rojas.
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