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Photo August 2015

HAVANA, May 22th (Reuters) Retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Bolivian President Evo Morales discussed “imperialist efforts” to undo leftist progress in Latin America during Morales’ two-day visit to the Communist-ruled island, Cuban state television reported on Saturday.

Two major powers in the region have moved to the right in recent months. Argentina’s Peronists were voted out of office late last year while in Brazil, Dilma Rousseff of the Workers Party was suspended as president earlier this month due to impeachment.

Leftist countries such as Cuba have called Rousseff’s suspension a “coup” while the president of El Salvador went as far as to say he would not recognize the centrist interim government.

Morales and Castro spoke “of the events happening in Latin America and the imperialist efforts to revert the political and social movement in our region,” state television reported. No images of the encounter were shown.

One of Cuba’s closest allies is Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who is under fire over a deepening economic crisis and facing protests in favor of a recall referendum.

Morales faced a setback earlier this year when he was defeated in a referendum that would have cleared the way for him to run for a fourth term in 2019.

The Bolivian president met with Cuban President Raul Castro, younger brother of Fidel, on Friday and attended a ceremony during which government officials of both countries signed bilateral agreements on health, education, culture and the economy.