HAVANA, Feb. 17th.The Western Union company, the leader in remittances to Cuba, Read more

HAVANA,June 7th Must President Donald Trump undo all humanitarian progress that was made by former President Barack Obama? It almost feels like Trump’s whole motivation is bitter vengeful spite or jealousy to take down the legacy of a much admired and respected man.

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HAVANA,March 4th (AFP) US President Donald Trump’s administration is brandishing the threat of sanctions against foreign companies “trafficking” with Cuba, a move hitherto mothballed by Washington so as not to offend allies.

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HAVANA, August 14th (The scientist) In June, President Donald Trump announced that he was reversing course on former President Barack Obama’s decision to mend relations with Cuba.

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http-%2f%2fo-aolcdn-com%2fhss%2fstorage%2fmidas%2fca1708c0c3f61fe54d3eaef3c33509f4%2f204565766%2frtx2spvtHAVANA, Nov. 29th (AP) President-elect Donald Trump’s threat Monday to “terminate” the U.S. detente with Cuba could trigger opposition from some Republican lawmakers and corporate leaders who favor continued engagement Read more