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HAVANA, Dec. 28th  (DT) Cuba decided to limit the entry of travellers from the United States, Mexico, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Read more

10001421708183jpg-700x466HAVANA,May 23th  (PL) A Cuban trade mission composed of representatives from 33 major companies interested in importing, exporting and establish business relations, today began a visit to the Dominican Republic.

The agenda starts with a seminar organized by the Center for Export and Investment of the Dominican Republic (CEI-RD) which involves entrepreneurs and representatives of the domestic production, economic groups and potential investors.

The visit�s program includes business rounds scheduled for tomorrow, while on Wednesday activities will move to the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, where entrepreneurs of the Dominican north will also have the opportunity to participate.

The director of CEI-RD, Jean Rodriguez, explained that the initiative is part of the agreements signed bilateral cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba last year and is supported by the Agency for Development Caribberan Export and Cuban embassy.

The director of CEI-RD, Jean Rodriguez, explained that the initiative is part of the bilateral cooperation agreements signed with the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba last year and is supported by the Agency for Development Caribbean Export and the Cuban embassy.

Among the 33 Cuban companies visiting the country are some linked to the sectors of industry, construction, agriculture and services, as well as companies related to the areas of health, pharmaceutical and biotechnology.

The arrival of representatives of Cuban companies to Dominican Republic was preceded by the trip last April of a Dominican business mission of 43 members to Havana for exploring the opportunities offered by the Cuban economy.

havana-live-Chicken-and-EggHAVANA, Sep 2 (acn) The Dominican Republic could become a provider of chicken and eggs to Cuba and other Latin American nations after the country was given on Wednesday green light by the World Animal Health Organization by declaring it territory free of bird flu.

The action will allow Santo Domingo to compete at the world market and double its production of chicken and eggs for export, said Agriculture Minister Angel Estevez, as cited by PL news agency.

The country will keep monitoring its food security and that of those nations that import its products, said the minister and added that the Dominican Republic expects to take its poultry production to the highest levels.

The president of the Dominican Poultry Association, Bolivar Cartagena, said that his sector earns over 700 million dollars annually and with the certification by the world entity, such figures could grow by 20 percent.

Over the past few years, the Caribbean nation produced chicken and eggs only for the local market but at present such products could go to Cuba, Venezuela and El Salvador, said Lissett Gomez, Dominican representative at the World Animal Health Organization.

Cuba imports eggs and frozen chicken from other markets in order to guarantee the people´s basic food basket, which is highly subsidized for all Cubans.
The island is currently making efforts to increase local production of foodstuffs and with it to replace costly imports as part of the strategic update of its economic model.

However, food imports are a heavy burden to deal with, since each year the island allocates more money to guarantee the food supply of its people in order to complement the local production.