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HAVANA, June 24th  Some of the unknowns that have hung over the island in the last ten days began to lift today, which marked the start of a suspension on certain types of dollar transactions. Read more

HAVANA, June 21st (HT)  Cubans woke up last year wondering whether they would be able to find basic products such as milk, pork, rice, beans, medicine, or shampoo. Read more

HAVANA, Jun 21 (EFE) Cuban banks will not accept dollar deposits in cash as of Monday, a measure that the Cuban government has justified in response to the United States embargo, Read more

HAVANA, June 17th (AFP) Cuban Elis Dania Lopez, 44, receives $100 a month from her father in the United States, Read more

HAVANA, Jun 12 (EFE)  The probable immediate consequence of the Cuban government’s decision to suspend bank deposits in cash dollars will be that the green Read more

HAVANA, June 11th  (Reuters) Cuba said on Thursday it would temporarily stop accepting cash bank deposits in dollars, Read more

HAVANA, Feb. 3th (AFP) The US dollar, nigh impossible to obtain legally in Cuba, has become a coveted commodity raking in double the state-determined exchange rate on the black market as the peso falters. Read more

HAVANA, July 20th  (Reuters) – State-run stores in Cuba began selling some food and hygiene products in U.S. dollars on Monday as the import-dependent country faces a grave shortage of tradable currency to purchase goods abroad. Read more

HAVANA , July 17th  (Reuters) Cuba said on Thursday it will allow some stores to sell food, personal hygiene and other consumer goods in U.S. dollars and will eliminate a 10% tax on the greenback, Read more

HAVANA, Oct. 28th  (Reuters) – Cubans flocked to a dozen shops that opened in Havana on Monday selling home appliances and spare parts for cars in dollars,

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havana-live-exchange rate US dollarHavana,march 18th  Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodriguez said that the government will eliminate the 10 percent tax levied on US dollars entering the country.

At a press conference on Thursday in Havana in the lead up to US President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba next week, Rodriguez indicated that repealing the tax was in response to White House measures easing financial restrictions on Cuba, Xinhua news agency reported.

Cuba will scrap the tax “only after it has verified” the effectiveness of the US measures, Rodriguez added.

The tax on US cash used in Cuba was first introduced in 2004, as Washington intensified economic and financial sanctions against Cuba.