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HAVANA, Dec. 30th What will President-elect Joe Biden do about Cuba after he’s sworn in on Jan. 20? Read more

HAVANA,. May 3th As travel suppliers puzzle over the possible impact of an announced but not specified change in U.S. policy toward Cuba, consumers are rushing to book trips before potential restrictions kick in.

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HAVANA, Apr 22th (PL) Cuban tourist authorities have celebrated the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the Spanish airline Iberia to Cuba, a major event considering the booming tourism in the country.

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HAVANA, Jan. 30th Despite ongoing concerns that the U.S. government might further restrict U.S. travel to Cuba, interest in visiting the formerly forbidden destination is still strong, according to a top expert in the market.

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havana-live-havanaAirHAVANA, Dec. 23th  United States based airline, Havana Air, has announced that it will be the first carrier to launch a fully automated reservation system for direct flight bookings to Cuba. The game-changing rollout, which will go live on January 1, 2016, allows users to book their flights via the airline’s website.

Through the website’s user-friendly platform, travellers will be able to book their reservation while having the ability to access and submit all required authorization forms and visa purchase for travel to Cuba. Additionally, Havana Air’s online reservation system is designed to seamlessly integrate with all airline Global Distribution Systems (GDS), including Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus, and others.

Established in 2007, Havana Air, which operates under authorized OFAC licenses, offers over 85 flights a month from Miami to five destinations in Cuba — Havana, Camaguey, Santa Clara, Holguin, and Santiago. Travelers can also complete planning for their Cuba travel experience through Cultural Explorations, Havana Air’s sister company, which specializes in providing one-of-a-kind Cuba cultural immersions that are uniquely tailored to each traveler’s needs.

With recently loosened US restrictions and increasing interest in Cuba travel, there exists much confusion regarding the requirements, paperwork and processes needed to visit the island. The US only allows US citizens and Cuban nationals to travel to the island under one of 12 provisions.
Havana Air’s new automated system outlines these requirements and allows travellers to select their appropriate categories for travel.