HAVANA, June 27th  The week closed with low figures in terms of contagion from coronavirus in Cuba, but health authorities today reported the death of a 78-year-old woman from Havana, Read more

HAVANA, June 24th   In addition to epidemiological indicators, Cuba’s recovery post-COVID-19 will be determined by factors Read more

HAVANA, Jun 11  (PL) The Minister of Public Health of Cuba, José Ángel Portal, reiterated that Cuba is willing to share the experiences acquired to date in the confrontation and control of the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more

HAVANA, June 7th  Every morning from 8 am to 11 family doctor Liz Caballero winds through twisting alleys and ducks under washing lines in Havana’s Vedado district. Read more

HAVANA, June 6th Kuwait has recruited 300 Cuban doctors and nurses to be deployed to deal with COVID-19 infections, a senior official said. Read more

HAVANA, June 4th Yesterday, COVID-19 left 15 infections on the island, although there were no deaths and four days have gone by without reports of fatalities. Read more

HAVANA, May 8th At some other time we may have announced the millionth tourist arriving with great fanfare. Read more

HAVANA, May 5th Today’s update: 2 deaths and 19 new COVID-19 infections in Cuba, according to the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP). Read more

HAVANA, May 4th A COVID-19 transmission event at a homeless center triggered the daily count of new coronavirus infections in Havana and, Read more

HAVANA, May 3th  A batch of medical supplies donated by former Chinese students in Cuba and several companies in that country is being processed by the Ministry of Public Health for distribution in hospitals coping with the coronavirus. Read more

HAVANA, April 30th (IPS) For many women like Iliannys Acosta, cleaning a Cuban home during the current Coronavirus pandemic has become a detailed protocol. Read more

HAVANA, April 26th  According to the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, six Cuban provinces are developing the protocol for obtaining blood plasma Read more

HAVANA, April 24th Plasma of recovered patients is being used as one of the treatments applied in Cuba against COVID-19, Read more

HAVANA, April 23rd (by Dr.C Juan Triana Cordoví) The forecasts for the world economy, whether they are the most moderate or cautious, Read more

HAVANA, April 8th  The coronavirus statistics in Cuba are as follows: 46 cases of recent infections and 2 deaths. Read more

HAVANA, April 7th The Cuban economy was already showing a bleak picture before the start of the current epidemic. Read more

HAVANA, April 4th  The Dr. Manuel Romero Placeres said that we must all be alert because the new coronavirus can be confused initially with an arbovirus, Read more

HAVANA, April 2nd Cuba closed March with 26 new infections, Read more

HAVANA, April 1st (Reuters) – Cuba said on Tuesday it was suspending the arrival of international passenger… Read more

HAVANA, March 29th Granma reported that over 45 nations have requested Cuba for Interferon  Alpha 2b Read more

HAVANA, March 25th (HT) Today, the Government of Cuba published a list of 40 new measures “to protect Cubans” from the coronavirus. Read more

HAVANA, March 22th The government of China is preparing a donation for Cuba to confront the COVID-19 pandemic, Read more

HAVANA, March 19th The deceased is a 61-year-old Italian ―one of the first three confirmed cases on the island― with a history of bronchial asthma, Read more