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HAVANA, Aug. 29th A lawsuit seeking to punish Carnival Corporation for doing

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havana-live-carnivalCarnival Cruise Line offers more Cuba voluntourism cruise details while Iron Maiden leases a 747 for a world tour.

HAVANA, Sept. 4 Carnival Cruise Line unveiled more details of their “Fathom” voluntourism cruises coming to Cuba and the Dominican Republic onboard the Adonia from May 1, 2016.
In an announcement from the construction of their private port, “Amber Cove,” in Puerto Plata, Fathom chief Tara Russell noted the Cuba program would focus on Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba.

“While much is still in flux, Russell said that cultural immersion, including art and film, would be a major focus in Cuba. The activities on the Cuba trips won’t be as focused on voluntourism as those in the Dominican Republic will be,” reports Carolyn Spencer Brown. (Cruise Critic)

The portion of an aircraft found washed up on Reunion Island on July 29 has finally been authenticated as a piece of missing plane, Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The French prosecutor said a technician from Airbus Defense and Space (ADS-SAU) in Spain, which had made the part for Boeing, “had formally identified one of three numbers found on the flaperon as being the serial number of the MH370 Boeing 777,” reports Michel Rose. (Reuters)

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson, who is also a commercial airline pilot, has announced that the band will lease a Boeing 747 to fly the band around the world on their upcoming, 35-country tour. Dickinson himself will be the pilot as, on previous world tours, Dickinson had flown the band in smaller 757s. The upgrade to the 747, dubbed “Ed Force One,” will allow the plane to transport “all of the crew members and over 12 tons of equipment and stage props much easier thanks to its massive size.” (TravelPulse)

Airbnb has released its first native Apple Watch app. The key feature is Airbnb messing, by which “travelers visiting new or familiar cities now have the ability to keep an ongoing conversation with their host, ask questions, or respond to incoming messages directly on Apple Watch – without being glued to a mobile device,” according to the official release. (Airbnb)