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HAVANA, March 18th Dance on film can have many functions. It might act as a showstopping decoration to the drama (most movie musicals), a shorthand for its protagonist’s obsession or madness (Black Swan, The Red Shoes) or a blunt tool for illustrating cultural difference (Step Up, Save the Last Dance and every other ballet-girl-meets-hip-hop-boy movie).

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HAVANA, 9 Dec. (EFE) .- Carlos Acosta, the “black god of Cuban ballet”, returns to his native country as the prodigal son “who never left” with his biographical film Yuli, a story of success and “hope”, directed by the Spanish Icíar Bollaín and now exhibited in Havana as a gift “for Cuba and the Cubans”.

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 HAVANA, Apr 2 (PL) Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta will give the main roles to members of his newly formed company on its world debut, and he will only dance the classical repertoire, informed today the organizers of the gala.

Havana’s Alicia Alonso Theater will be the stage for the exhibition of a contemporary program from April 8 to 13 except on the 11th. It will include works by choreographers from different nationalities and the director decided to leave the performances in charge of the members of the company to promote the talent of these young people.

This first show includes Carmen, an Acosta’s version of the novel by Prosper Merimee, with music by Georges Bizet. Such piece was premiered by the Royal Ballet in London in 2015.

The world premiere of De Punta a Cabo will also take place on April 8, 9 and 12 with choreography by Alexis Fernandez, the co-director of La Macana, a Spanish dance company based in Galicia, who takes to dancing his views on Cuba, a country of mixtures and contrasts.

Acosta Dance will also present Alrededor No Hay Nada (There is Nothing Around), choreographed by Spanish Goyo Montero. The first version of this ballet, Creation Day, won the International Choreography Competition 2006 CIC and was premiered in Havana by the National Ballet of Cuba on October 29 of that year.

havana-live-carlos-acostaHAVANA, Aug. 4 (PL) The prestigious Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, current star of the Royal Ballet of London in the UK, today confirmed the determination to found a company in his native country.

To this end, the future director invites dancers from all over Cuba professionally trained and interested in integrating the project to appear at the auditions to take place on August 10 and 11th, at the National School of Ballet Fernando Alonso, located in this capital.

The new company, attached to the Dance Center of Havana, offer contracts to 12 dancers in total: six men and six women with capacity to take on the demands of the techniques of classical and contemporary dance.

In order to maintain this line of work, the auditions will consist on lessons of both dance performance modalities to measure the skills of the artists.

Acosta is currently preparing his retirement as a classical dancer at the Royal Ballet and aspires to pursue a career in the contemporary line.

This year, the Critics Circle of Great Britain granted the National Dance Award in recognition to his achievements during a lifetime devoted to art, and American critics applauded warmly his version of Don Quixote for the British company, in the United States.

The artist’s immediate plans include a new version of the play Carmen, designed for the Royal, and scheduled for release in the month of September, when at the same time he takes the first steps with his company in Cuba.

Being 42 years old, Acosta has his days numbered as a prince on the scene, but his career in other facets of art is just born. In his country, he has received the National Dance Award and the UK even they call him Sir, since he was appointed as such since 2014 due to the title of Commander of the British Empire.