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HAVANA, Jan. 24th  (HT)  Animal protection activists and defenders came together on Saturday Jan. 19th, in San Miguel del Padron on the outskirts of Havana, to protest against zoosadism.

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Photo: Rob Oneal

HAVANA, June 21th (By Joann Biondi)  It’s not easy being a cat in Cuba.

There’s no flea medicine, no cat litter and no catnip. Historically, they’ve been relegated to second-class status after dogs. During the “special period” of the early 90s when food was scarce following the breakup of the Soviet Read more

havana-live-cat-trapHAVANA, Nov. 13th  Have you all heard about Trap-Neuter-Release programs for street cats? Well, we’re about to try it in Havana. But we need some big help. The first step isto TRAP the cats, and Aniplant needs traps. Of course, it’s Read more

havana-live-santeria1HAVANA, August 12th  Aniplant were contacted a few weeks ago from a resident of Havana who witnessed animal torture in a neighborhood Santeria ritual. Santeria is a faith that blends West African religious customs with Caribbean tradition and Roman Catholicism. Sadly, animal sacrifices are often part of it.

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havana-live-aniplantHAVANA, may 26th  This is one of those stories that just made me cry. Not out of sadness but relief and happiness.

This is Macho’s story
Aniplant had recieved pleas to help a dog on Morro Castle. This is located across a canal from Havana. Not easy accessible if you do not drive then you have to take the boat across. A lovely lady named Ruth reached out to Aniplant about 8 mths ago wanting to know what we could do for Macho. She was one of a few people asking to help him. However Ruth wanted to donate to save him to ensure we could look after Macho.
Aniplant’s team would visit the castle every few days with food and water and apply medications. They also had a few artisans who work around the Fort watch out for Macho and do daily feedings in between their visits.

At this point it was difficult for many reasons to remove and take Macho off the Castle due to where he was and because of transportation. He was also no way having anything to do with getting inside of a crate. It was also a good hike to carry a crate with him in it.. down from the top of the Fort.

Macho’s Rescue:
Aniplants team went to the Castle on May 14th. Prepared to rescue him and take him to safety where he can finally recieve medical care. When they arrived they seen one of the Guards kick at Macho and they yelled at him “We are animal proctectors and we will report you” . He took off his badge. They were extremely upset however they carried forward to help Macho. It was a feat in itself to try and corner Macho enough to get him into a crate.
The Fort is very large area but they finally cornered Macho and to help him into the crate they covered his head with a towel and coaxed him into the Crate. Aniplants team then loaded him into the truck and finally brought him to safety at the Headquaters.
Please enjoy the photos and now you can see his cute lil face with hope in his eyes!
Muchas Gracias Aniplant Team!13244784_495004317353096_2987947967745657836_n 13174013_495004384019756_4543075341710943823_n12036489_495004417353086_7170997068168677688_nPhotos Aniplant

havana-live-AniplantHAVANA, Dec. 7th Many changes are happening in Cuba, and many more are sure to follow.  As more people make their way to Cuba,
“to see it before it changes”, the plight of the animals is getting more attention.  Here are just a few observations we’ve heard recently:

  • Hungry, sick, mangy dogs and cats wandering the streets for food and shelter
  • “Small businesses” who are breeding dogs, and selling puppies in markets
  • Growing evidence of dog-fighting
  • Animals seen being abused, sometimes by the hands of the dog catchers
  • Thin and unhealthy horses pulling carriages for tourists
  • Concern for marine life along Cuba’s pristine coast as development begins

More tourists are asking how to help–whether it is donating supplies or dollars to Aniplant, or trying to find help for a sweet-faced, hungry, sick dog or cat they meet on the street.  We are thankful to hear these requests for information on how to help.  Aniplant and The Aniplant Project are dedicated to helping these poor animals.

Our number one mission is to spay/neuter as many dogs and cats as possible to prevent unwanted animals.  Other important goals are education and raising awareness for the humane care and welfare of all animals in Cuba.

Last, but not least, Nora Garcia and her circle of volunteers have daily missions of helping animals…one at a time.  This small team has been called on to locate and help needy animals all over Cuba…to visit regularly, to feed, to ensure the dogs or cats are safe, and to vaccinate and treat them for sickness.
All of these activities take resources.

This is where your donations go:
For anesthesia to spay/neuter animals
For food and medicines to treat strays
For gasoline or bus fare to find and care for reported strays regularly
For use of the internet so that Nora can receive and respond to requests for help
For maintenance of the Aniplant clinic in Cuba and the 20 dogs who live there
For supplies of surgical gloves, sutures, mange/parasite medications, etc.

Please take a moment to donate.  Every dollar helps.  With your continuing help, we hope to make better lives for many more Cuban animals in 2016.   Thank you for your love and care of the dogs, cats, horses, birds… and all the animals of Cuba!

Thank you!  ¡Muchas Gracias!   Merci!   Danke!

The Aniplant Project Team

havana-live-aniplantHAVANA, August 29  Nora Garcia Predsident of Aniplant Havana was happy to promote the International Homeless Animal Day on her TV show and 2 radio shows.

There were a several campaigns held in distant neighbourhoods which no camera’s were available but Nora was told the numbers were generally good. In this video we are happy to show that in 2 of the campaigns a few photos were taken to share.

One of the campaigns were held in a home and not a clinic which is common in Cuba. We would like to thank those wonderful people who helped that day.
The Vet and his assistant who use to be a teacher has been working the sterialization campaigns since 1992.