Sunrise inaugurates six direct weekly flights to Cuba

Sunrise AirwaysHAVANA, June 11th The official inauguration of the route between Havana and Port-au-Prince took place last Friday, bringing the weekly trips to the largest of The Antilles.

According to a report from state-owned ACN, the airline Sunrise Airways will be in charge of carrying out these routes to increase the interconnectivity in the Caribbean, which will also include the Cuban tourist destinations of Santiago and Camagüey.

Airline president Philippe Louis Bayard said flights will increase on demand and will be managed through its tour operator Explore Caribbean.

The co-owner of Explore Caribbean, Pescale B. Hilaire, said that the new routes will “show that other face or image of my little-known country, the beauty of its beaches and mountains, the singularity of its gastronomy and culture, The hotel infrastructure “.

“We came to reaffirm the affection and respect of the Haitians towards Cuba, who has stretched out their hand to us in difficult moments and that is why we are glad that weekly Cuban tourists travel to Port-au-Prince,” Hilaire told the island press on Friday.

The intention is to unite the multidestination, to work for the complementation of services and products without any rivalry, what differentiates or distinguishes each nation, its traditions and customs, is an incentive for the visitor and we work together.