Sunrise Airways plans to expand its trade routes in Cuba

Sunrise Airways plans to expand its trade routes in CubaHAVANA,Juin 18th (PL) Sunrise Airways plans to expand its commercial routes with Cuba, as part of the One Caribbean initiative, which plans to make Haiti a regional center.

The airline since 2012 promotes the concept of safe, reliable and comfortable air transport with an attractive price, and in the last two years has experienced an increase in the number of passengers from 69 thousand in 2016 to 140 thousand in 2017, with a projection of 200 thousand for this year.

According to the president of Sunrise Airways, Philippe Bayard, the excellent historical relations between Haiti and Cuba go back 200 years and have been a determining factor when choosing destinations in the largest of the Antilles.

‘We started flying in April 2014 with a Jetstream 32 aircraft (19 seats) to Santiago from Port-au-Prince and we operated 11 flights per week with an Airbus A320 (150 seats) to three destinations, Santiago, Camagüey and La Habana,’ he said. executive.

By 2019, the airline plans to open two other routes in Santa Clara and Holguín, in Cuba, Kignston in Jamaica, and later Santo Domingo and Curaçao will join.

‘We began talks a month ago with the Aviation Authority of Cuba to establish an agreement between Cubana de Aviación and Sunrise Airways. This is an important step for us in line with our long-term ultimate goal of connecting the Caribbean directly or through a partnership between regional airlines: One Caribbean.

Bayard’s goal is ambitious, to make Haiti the center of a system of feeder routes within the Caribbean, which will support the country’s continued growth, by stimulating trade and tourism.

According to the executive, there is an excessive dependence on the service provided by US operators, in particular American Arlines, which is used as a distribution point for other areas in the region.

However, says Bayard, the Port-au-Prince election is a bit premature, even with the new connections with Cuba and Santo Domingo, because the airport infrastructure of Haiti is totally inadequate and not suitable for mass transit in the market.

He also noted the excessive level of taxes on the ticket and the price, as well as the high cost of aviation fuel, among the highest in the region, as major disadvantages for the development of the aviation market in the Caribbean.

In this 2018 the airline will invest in technology and a substantial change in accounting systems, website and reservation systems.

‘We measure how technology is important today in the workflow to gain productivity at all levels of the customer experience. This is the reason why we will limit the opening of new destinations in 2018. Only two in process: Curaçao Santo Domingo and Santo Domingo Habana. To open them, we will soon receive a new plane, “Bayard concluded.