This Sunday you can see the supermoon 2017

This Sunday you can see the supermoon 2017HAVANA, Dec. 2  When the weekend is over, exactly on the night of Sunday to Monday, you can again observe the supermoon, a phenomenon that allows you to see the celestial body 14% larger than its usual size and with a brightness of about one 30%.

According to the Argentine newspaper La Nación, this event occurs when there is a full moon and it crosses the point of its orbit closest to the center of the Earth. The orbit of the moon is elliptical, so there are times when it is more or less close to the planet. In this case, 357,495 kilometers will be approaching us.

Experts propose to contemplate the supermoon in a place away from the big cities, because the layer of pollution that surrounds the latter can eclipse the event.

Despite these precautions, the supermoon of this year will not be as spectacular as that seen in 2016, considered the largest and brightest of the last 70 years. To see another of similar dimensions, we will have to wait until November 25 of the year 2034.

But do not get discouraged either. It is expected that in the first months of 2018 several more superlunas will be seen.