Summertime is in force in Cuba from this Sunday

HAVANA, March 13 (RHC) Summertime came into effect in Cuba starting this Sunday, so the hands of the clocks are moved forward one hour.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines pointed out that this strategy is an international practice, with a great impact on energy savings, and called on the population to use only the necessary electricity.

According to experts, this measure also contributes to the reduction of the electricity rate for the benefit of consumers.

Its application allows a significant reduction of the maximum demand in the so-called peak hours since the cooking of food does not coincide to a great extent with the lighting.

The National Office for the Control of the Rational Use of Energy specified that the usual time change was implemented worldwide since 1974 to make better use of solar radiation and contribute to the saving of hydrocarbons and other fuels used in electricity generation.