Successful financial governance workshop held in Havana

Successful financial governance workshop held in Havana

HAVANA, April 27th After many successful financial governance workshops, another took place in Cuba where eight Member Associations (MAs) from the Americas region were invited.

The Member Associations (MAs) that took part were Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Puerto Rico.

The purpose of these workshops is to discuss with the participants some general principles around financial governance and management, and to gather views in this area, including experiences and feedback from the audit and reporting process to eventually help the MAs make the best use of the available FIFA Forward funds. The participating MAs were able to obtain important information regarding financial governance topics as well as personalized feedback and support during the bilateral meetings.

The participants showed a lot of gratitude, especially the Cuban Football Federation (AFC) for helping them with such essential topics for the proper functioning of the federation.

The main topics covered during the workshop were the FIFA Forward Programme, namely oversight and control, the audit and reporting process, serious issued identified in the central review, and other general concepts and elements of financial governance.

As part of the workshop, the MAs attended a presentation where financial governance topics were introduced. Bilateral meetings were held individually with every participating MA to discuss in detail financial issues and to evaluate possible solutions and improvements.

With the support of the Financial Governance team, the Member Associations Division and the regional offices, the Member Associations will be guided through the different processes under financial governance to become compliant with the FIFA Forward regulations and to be transparent in the use of FIFA funds to eventually have a great impact on the development of Football.

Three more financial governance workshops are planned for the first half of the year and others will be held later this year in different regions.