Stunning images of waterfalls in Guantánamo after heavy rains

Stunning images of waterfalls in Guantánamo after heavy rains

HAVANA, Nov 19. Settlements cut off from communication due to flooding, electrical damage and waterfalls were reported in Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamoafter heavy rains and thunderstorms during Friday and Saturday in the eastern region.

The network of stations of the Institute of Meteorology and the rain gauges of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources reported significant accumulations, greater than 50 millimeters in 44 locations, and of these, several locations in Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo exceeded 100 millimeters, the official portal published Cubadebate.

In Santiago, the most significant values of precipitation were recorded in the town of El Cobre, 166 millimeters (mm); Stopped Dam, 157 mm; Charco Mono, in the municipality of Palma Soriano, 138.8 mm; Provincial Delegation of Hydraulic Resources, in the José Martí District of the main city, 131 mm; and in Gran Piedra, 114.3 mm, said Lieutenant Colonel Gustavo Álvarez, head of the Civil Defense Body in the territory.

In the province, 17,689 people were evacuated and were sent to the homes of families and neighbors, because they lived near rivers, in low-lying areas or in areas with difficult drainage. In the early hours of Saturday morning, 26 settlements were reported cut off by swollen rivers.

Stunning images of waterfalls in Guantánamo after heavy rains

Álvarez said that of the 244 interruptions in the electricity service reported, 143 remain pending, which are being worked on. He also said that 300 meters of roads on the highway to Granma are affected by sea penetration, specifically in the section from Palma Mocha to La Plata.

In Guantanamo, images of waterfalls caused by heavy rains were published on Saturday. The photographs were taken in the municipalities of San Antonio del Sur and Imías and were published by the official press of Guantánamo.

“This is a semi-desert area, but there has been so much rain these days that the surface runoff has formed these waterfalls that are very difficult to see in this place,” Enrique Diego Arango Arias, head of the National Seismological Service, said on his Facebook profile. of Cuba at the National Center for Seismological Research (CENAIS).

The official website Cubadebate reported that floods in the Guantanamo municipality of Caimanera left more than 40 homes affected on Friday.

On Saturday, the National Civil Defense General Staff decreed the phase of normality in eastern Cuba after the passage of the tropical depression and after the Forecast Center of the Institute of Meteorology reported that the area of unstable weather had decreased. influence on the eastern region of the country.