Strong and intense rains are reported in the west and center of Cuba

Se reportan lluvias fuertes e intensas en occidente y centro

HAVANA, December 17. During the last 24 hours, numerous showers, rains and thunderstorms have been recorded in the western and central regions of the country,which have become strong and intense in some locations. According to the network of meteorological stations of the Institute of Meteorology and the rain gauges of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources, accumulations exceeding 50 millimeters are reported in 117 locations.

These precipitations in most cases occurred in short periods, which is why they are considered strong and intense rains.

In 19 locations on the Isle of Youth, Matanzas, Cienfuegos and Sancti Spíritus, rainfall was above 100 millimeters, they are:

Rainfall (millimeters)                 Localities                         Province
172.3                                 Los Indios Reservoir I                   Island of Youth
166.0                                 Jagua Diverter                      Isle of Youth
152.6                             Heroic Viet-Nam Reservoir         Isle of Youth
143.4                 Trinidad Meteorological Station          Sancti Spítutus
140.2                           Trinidad Telemail                      Sancti Spíritus
140.1                           El Colony Telemail                    Isla de la Juventud
136.2                  Playa Girón Meteorological Station        Matanzas
136.1                        Galindo Reservoir                            Cienfuegos
128.2                           The Reformation                                 Isle of Youth
123.0                       Telemail Cuatro Vientos                Cienfuegos
117.5                           Mal País Reservoir I                       Isle of Youth
114.4                          Mal País Reservoir II                       Isle of Youth
113.4                      Crocodile Village                        Isla de la Juventud
110.8        Topes de Collantes Meteorological Station         Sancti Spíritus
110.0                    Telemail Antonio Sánchez                 Cienfuegos
109.4                  Tetecorreo La Demajagua                     Isle of Youth
108.8                   La Guanábana Reservoir                          Isla de la Juventud
104.5                 Antonio Briones Montoto Reservoir          Isla de la Juventud
103.4             Punta del Este Meteorological Station        Isla de la Juventud

The precipitations have been associated with the passage of the prefrontal trough, which is currently passing over the provinces of Ciego de Ávila and Camagüey, encouraging the activity of showers, rains and electrical storms that during the afternoon and night will extend to the eastern region. , which could be strong and intense in some locations.

Strong and intense rains are reported in the west and center of Cuba

The sixth cold front of the current winter season is currently moving over the provinces of Matanzas and Villa Clara.
In the western region, northwesterly winds with speeds between 25 and 40 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, will affect the western region, which will cause strong swells with light to moderate coastal flooding in low areas of the northern western coast, including the Havana seawall.

(Taken from the Institute of Meteorology website)