Sting wants to sing in Cuba before Jagger

havana-live-stingHAVANA, Oct 9  (AFP)  British singer Sting is aiming to beat the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger to perform in Cuba, his Argentine guitarist said in an article yesterday.

Dominic Miller, who has performed with Sting since 1990, told Cuban news portal that his boss was vying to make it to the island before Jagger, who is reported to be considering a March concert in Havana. The 72-year-old rocker is expected to perform on the island as part of a 2016 Rolling Stones Latin America tour. Miller will perform in Havana Thursday night as part of British Cultural Week on the island.
Sting, 64, rose to fame as a member of the Police, known for such classics as “Message in a Bottle” and “Roxanne,” before launching his solo career.