State alliance with the private sector works a miracle: paving the streets of Las Tunas

State alliance with the private sector works a miracle: paving the streets of Las Tunas

HAVANA, March 30. An experience that links the Provincial Maintenance and Construction Company of Las Tunas with the private MSME AsfalTunasIn one semester, it produced more than 6 thousand tons of cold asphalt and road improvements in all the municipalities of the province of Las Tunas, in the east of the country.

Founded in mid-2023, AsfalTunas handcrafts 300 tons of cold asphalt daily, a more competitive material than its hot variant, says the director of AsfalTunas, Yiney Peña Jaime.

“We had to start from scratch. They arrived at this place where there was practically nothing, and right now they have a whole structural complex in progress,” praised Pablo Enrique Paneque Almaguer, director of the state entity that has been revived thanks to the thriving venture.

“The product produced by other plants in the country is hot asphalt that ages immediately, becomes hard when exposed to contact with the sun and is much more aggressive in terms of gas emissions,” Peña Jaime explained in a report published by the digital edition of Periódico 26, provincial media in Las Tunas.

The fuel

Deliveries of the material, which is made with aggregates brought from Las Parras in the Las Parras municipality of Majibacoa, and asphalt liquid from the provinces of Sancti Spíritus and Matanzas, depend largely on the availability of fuel, a critical point in the days that they run

“The delivery of aggregates depends on the amount of fuel we have, a problem that is often overcome with government aid,” said Pedro Batista Martínez, deputy director of AsfalTunas.

The private initiative allowed the repair of the local asphalt plant, after 20 years of not operating and now leased, due to “technological obsolescence, lack of engines, breakages and the wear and tear of time.”

In addition to paving streets in the city of Las Tunas, the state company works on repairing intricate roads, as well as roads in the towns of Bartle, Jesús Menéndez and Puerto Padre.

State support

According to the directors of the MSME, they feel encouraged in his efforts by the recent visit of the Minister of Transportation, Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, who maintains fluid communication with numerous citizens from his Facebook page.

State alliance with the private sector works a miracle: paving the streets of Las Tunas

Patio and warehouse Interior of AlfalTunas Photo. Newspaper 26

“The support of the authorities has been essential” in the development of the company, concedes the deputy director of AsfalTunas.

“The machinery we work with on the streets is generally rented or leased to other Construction companies,” Batista explained.

According to the businessman, the State has offered them “help regarding the sale of some second-hand equipment, because leases are very expensive and make production more expensive.”