Spotify Presents Sounds of Havana

Spotify Presents Sounds of Havana

HAVANA, dec. 12th Sounds of Havana has compiled the rich music of Cuba and other Latin American nations to present listeners with albums encompassing sounds that go back a hundred years.

This treat for the ears can be experienced at Spotify. According to Sounds of Havana, the great selection of Latin music compiled on the website can be accessed through Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, and Apple Music.

Cuban music, with its layered richness, is perfect for family time during the holiday season, and those who love the music of this Caribbean island can head to Spotify to listen to the musical masterpieces of the great artists on Sounds of Havana.

Cuban music is one of the most influential music types in the world and is panoramic in its scope. The styles and sounds originating from Cuba are a rich blend of the rhythms from West Africa and melodies from Spain and Portugal.

The music of Latin America itself is heavily influenced by Cuba’s music, and Sounds of Havana has made available the stupendously diverse music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, and other nations in one place.

Salsa Cubana, with its peppy beats and cheerful sounds, is the perfect dance music for New Year parties. The albums Salsa Y Timba Vol 1 and 2 on Sounds of Havana weave a rich tapestry of music to add warmth and cheer to any party. The bass drums of Timba and the syncretic fusion of Salsa are a treat for all ears and guaranteed to put the listener in the mood for a good time.

Be it flamenco, jazz, Salsa, soul, or Timba, the musical genres evocative of Havana’s sunshine and smiles and other parts of Latin America are well represented on Sounds of Havana.

Spotify is one of the most popular online digital music and streaming platforms. Listeners can catch their favourite music, videos, and podcasts online and offline. It is a great place to check out the superb collection of Latin music brought together by Sounds of Havana.

Voces Femininas Vol. 1, 2, and 3 presents a series of compilations focusing entirely on Latin American female artists from Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Argentina and many other countries. Jazz lovers are guaranteed to like the collection of Cuban Jazz and Timba artists in the classic jazz style.

Lots of instrumentals, piano and guitar-driven music to swoon over. Soul music with its rich strains wafting over the oceans from Latin America to the Southern American states and back is as sweet a mood relaxant as any and we have a series of compilations focusing on Afro-Cuban rhythms from the ’30s through the ’70s ranging from traditional Son to Afro Cuban Jazz greats from the Buena Vista Social Club.

On the great Latin American musicians featured, Sounds of Havana has a great collection of artists from the past 100 years for one’s listening to pleasure. Check out the works of Diego Cano, Samuel Águila, Anabel López, Rita Del Prado Carta ya, Orquesta Manolito Simonet Y Su Trabuco and many more.