Spanish group VIMA will manage 20 stores in Cuba

Spanish group VIMA will manage 20 stores in Cuba

HAVANA, May 26  Tiendas Caribe and the VIMA Group signed an agreement this week to create an international economic association that will manage 20 commercial units in Cuba.The agreement was signed in the context of the fourth edition of the International Food, Beverages, Packaging and Food Technology Fair (Cuba 2024).

The event took place at the Pabexpo site in Havana, with the participation of nearly 200 businessmen from more than 20 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Namibia, Chile and Venezuela, including new economic actors. of the island.

According to Amilkar Odelin Ante, Marketing and Business Director of Tiendas Caribe, the business with the VIMA group will start with the opening of two stores: the Paseo market and the Infanta and Santa Martha markets.

“At this moment the furniture and all the equipment for operation is being prepared. VIMA has a wide portfolio of products known to the population,” Odelin Ante said in a report on the Cubadebate portal.

The manager added that the opening of an online platform for electronic purchases is contemplated.

For his part, Víctor Moro, executive vice president of the VIMA Group, stated that this new step is a sign of his company’s commitment to the country and emphasized that the online store project will advance rapidly, since many of the products ” They are in the market” and this makes everything easier.

“Today we have more than a thousand products in Tiendas Caribe and we have been working together for many years. For us, it is a pleasure to help you start running some of these stores. “We are sure this will be a success for both parties,” said the Spanish businessman.

Previously, VIMA offers were only present in the TRD store network.

30 years on the island

Moro highlighted that after 30 years in Cuba, “we must be there in the good and bad times. Cuba is like our home, in which we have excellent business partners and they have never failed us, nor have we failed you.”

The manager stressed that tomato sauces stand out in the offer, but “we will also have frozen products, ranges of fish, vegetables, chicken, pork and milk, which we know are in high demand in the country” and he announced that “we are launching a new line of beans.”

Víctor Moro is the son of Víctor Moro Suárez, former banker and president of Vima Foods, a multinational distributor of food products with headquarters in Havana, New York and La Coruña, among other locations.

Founded in 1994, Vima Foods has been closely linked to the fishing sector, and its creator lived for more than 25 years in Havana, where he was president of the Association of Spanish Businessmen in Cuba until 2014.