Spanish designer opens exhibition in Havana

 havana-live-Eulalia de Lucia HAVANA ,October 21 (acn)  The Spanish creator Eulalia de Lucia presented her fashion brand at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Havana.

De Lucia told ACN that her relationship and attraction for Cuba date back many years when her father established his business here and since then she always dreamed of making a production of top quality fashion clothing and accessories with Cuban designers and craftsmen.

She praised the designs line which is characterized by simplicity and by having bright pastel colors as its emblem, with patterned fabrics that make reference to Cuba’s nature and its various manifestations.
The collection is made up by female attire for daily use and top dressing, complemented with fine jewelry and accessories such as leather wallets and belts.

Elegant cuts and apparent simplicity of the clothing, the harmony of the colors of the prints, some bold by their contrasts or designs that make allusions to Cuban flora and fauna, also distinguish these garments.
The dressmaker is confident of success of her line of products by their beauty, simplicity and utilitarian nature of each piece, based on the requirements of today’s woman, her dynamic life and the need to always be with an appropriate and appealing image.

As a guarantee to achieve these purposes, she trusts in the talent and creativity of her designers, craftsmen and artisans, whose works remain on display all this month at one of the transitional rooms of the National Museum of Decorative Arts in El Vedado neighborhood.