Spanish Consulate in Havana Warns ‘Blocking’ Ineligible People Making Visa Appointments

Spanish Consulate in Havana Warns ‘Blocking’ Ineligible People Making Visa Appointments

HAVANA, March 9th  The Consulate of Spain in Havana has warned all persons who are not authorized and make a Schengen visa appointment aimed at official people and organizations that they will be “blocked”.Through an official statement issued on its official Twitter account, the Spanish Consulate in Havana stressed that Schengen visas for official organizations are exclusive to ministers as well as for other official bodies.

The same emphasized that non-eligible individuals who make this type of appointment will not be attended by the consulate authorities at the window, and they will be blocked from submitting applications in the future, reports.

“They [Schengen visas for official organizations] are EXCLUSIVE for ministries and official bodies authorized by Spanish Consulate in Havana. Individuals with an appointment for this agenda will NOT be attended at the window, and their use will be blocked,” the Consulate of Spain in Havana wrote on its official Twitter account.

According to Cuba Noticia 360, this is not the first time that the Spanish Consulate in Havana decided to take measures against those who fail to meet the requirements.

Previously, the consulate warned all citizens of Cuba that it would no longer accept appointments from individuals who book them and do not go for the interview. The consulate said that in case applicants cannot make it to the interview, they should cancel the appointment and not decide just not to show up instead.

Since Cuba has not reached any agreement with Spain regarding visa-free travel, all of its citizens are required to obtain a visa in order to be permitted entry to the country for tourism, business, and other purposes.

Cubans planning to reach Spain for tourism purposes need to apply for a Tourist Schengen Visa. This type of visa permits all of its holders to stay for a maximum of 90 days within a six-month period.

Citizens of Cuba applying for a Schengen visa of Spain or any other country must make sure to submit several documents. Everyone is required to submit the completed visa application form, two passport-size pictures taken recently, their valid passport, and a roundtrip reservation or itinerary.

In addition, applicants must also submit proof of having purchased EU travel health insuranceproof of having secured accommodationproof of having sufficient financial means, and a sponsorship letter.

Depending on the employment status, applicants are also required to submit evidence of employment status.